Monday, August 26, 2013

Latest Fall & Winter 2013 Trends

      One of the best seasons of the year to accessorize has arrived, Fall! According to Glamour,Huffington Post , and, We can expect to see some of the top designer trends that graced the runway come alive in this year's fall & winter fashion.Here are some of the popular trends from the fall collections in NYC fashion week.

     Military inspired pieces is a big thing this fall. So break out your peacoats, leather, and other G.I Joe or Jane paraphernalia. 

    Nothing looks hotter in the winter than a trendy white outfit. Believe it or not, You can wear white in the winter and still avoid the fashion police.

   "You've got to be seen GREEN to show that your stuff's layed. If your not seen GREEN , You better be wearing jade." -Emerald City Sequence, The Wiz

Fashionista's say that jewel tones are here to stay. Amethyst,Topaz,and Sapphire pair well with the popular Emerald green. 

     You know what they say; The higher the heel the closer to heaven. In Addition to your heel length, this season's fashion forecast declares that over the knee and thigh high boots are sooo in!

     This season is all about making a statement without any words. Oversized (Menswear inspired) and Statement outwear are great ways for you to stay warm and fashionable during the treacherous winter months.

   Cheetah, leopard, plaid, and herringbone prints are as classic as it gets. Don't dessert them so soon for something new! These classic prints are timeless.

 The punk look is making its come back this year. Leather jackets with lots of zippers and buckles is a great way for you to express your inner punk rock star.

     There was a decade in time where velvet was an essential item. This season it is hot hot hot. A perfect winter warm fabric that can add a sense of sophistication to your look.

Last but not least, The peplum. This curvaceous item has been maintaining its popularity as a top must have trend for sometime now. This fall peplum's are an easy way to enhance your outfit from casual to dressy; or somewhere in between.

Which trend will you rock the most this fall/winter?
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