Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Member of the Week
Arlasia Williams

Hobbies:  I like to sing, watch beauty and fashion tutorials on YouTube, follow fashion trends and companies on Instagram, and hang out with friends.
Where are you from: I am from Philadelphia, PA.

Favorite place(s) to shop: I like to shop at H&M, Forever21, and Urban Outfitters. I also like thrift stores because you'll find those one of a kind pieces that no one has.

Favorite Current Trend: My favorite trends right now are tank tops with large armholes worn usually with bralettes, joggers, and oversized jackets.

Least Favorite Trend: My least favorite trend is jackets with cut off sleeves.

Favorite Food: My favorite foods mostly are sandwiches from Panera bread, preferably the chicken Caesar salad sandwich.

What is something you never leave home without: I never leave home without a least one of my mac cosmetics lipsticks and of course my cell phone.

Dream Job: My dream job is to own my own modest apparel clothing boutique in a major city (like NYC).

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