Friday, April 15, 2011


Every year, the Fashion Association makes a trip to Pittsburgh and New York City. Normally the Pittsburgh trip is during the fall semester, and New York is in the Spring, but a series of events changed that, and we went on our Pittsburgh trip today. This was the first time our organization was able to visit ModCloth's Pittsburgh office and distribution center, and it was so informative and educational.

We arrived at the offices at 10:30, and waited for a short while in ModCloth's mod waiting room.

Casie was a great tour guide. It was really awesome to physically see how much the company has grown since its inception in a Carnegie Mellon dorm room in 2002. ModCloth is a community e-commerce store. It does not operate on trends or what they think people should wear, but the company really focuses on what the customers want. One of the ways ModCloth does this is through their "Be the Buyer" option where customers can actively vote on products and suggest changes. We learned so much about ModCloth today, I would have to write a little book to include everything, so I am going to leave my comments on that point that stood out to me about the company and include more pictures from the trip.

If you went on the trip, comment and let us know what stuck out in your mind about ModCloth!


  1. I would definitely say that what stuck in my mind most were the comments made to keep an open mind when it comes to looking for jobs! So many things came to mind that would never have before!
    Seeing the distribution center really helped, too! It was so eye-opening to see the behind the scenes stuff!

  2. I really loved the creative atmosphere and how dogs were allowed! So cute! Also, since I am taking Apparel II, and learning about how to be a buyer, it was neat to see how that information applies to the fashion industry even if you aren't specifically a buyer (like at the fulfillment center).
    Oh, and it made me excited to take the Quality Control class! I hope they have job openings when I graduate!

  3. I agree with Cat. It was so informative and cool to see all the behind the scences stuff. Normally we just get to see their offices and story boards but we got to see everything. My favorite part was their story and how they started and how quickly they grew and are still expanding. They have done an excellent job with the company and just keep getting bigger and bigger! It's an excellent company and like everybody on the video said, the best part about their job is the people. Oh..... and I love that dogs were allowed too!! :-)

  4. I loved the notepad/pen they gave us! Casie, our tour guide, was very willing to help us with our resumes which I felt is a great opportunity. The "be the buyer" program that they offer on their site was very innovative that reaches all kinds of customers. What a great company!

  5. So glad to see that IUP students visited ModCloth!!